Monday, May 30, 2011

Broken Idol

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Here is why!!!!! I dropped my new camera and broke it. You all are familiar with the t.v. show American Idol......I now know about Katie's Idol.....her camera. I just laughed and asked a few friends, "Can a camera be an idol?" I had started carrying that camera with me everywhere I went....looking for praise moments, what I call seeing God in the everyday things of life.....I think it was consuming my time too much actually. Well, that is not a problem was mailed off to Canon to see if it could be repaired in time for baby Reid's arrival.

I have so much to share....our biggest praise is that Amybeth's iron is beginning to climb up as she has finished 7 IV drips. She and Brian were able to go to lake for a couple of days to celebrate their anniversary. I was blessed but exhausted to be able to help with the children for 3 days. We made a little video with my old but working camera and I am going to try an attach it for you to the middle of lots of play, a messy house but very happy children, we burst out into songs of praise.

I have been having a blast doing a watercolor class on the internet with Martha Lever. She is an awesome teacher and makes me feel like a successful artist. Check out the class by going to her blog, I wish I knew how to attach it properly, but if you are a blogger, you probably can find her. The other amazing teacher I have been blessed to have a few workshops with is, Mary Freeman's blog. These are two godly women who have given me overflowing joy through God's creativity in their lives and their willingness to teach others their crafts.

Well, off to visit those precious grands and help put away the washed up baby clothes. Thanking the Lord today, Memorial Day, for our country but even more in FREEDOM IN CHRIST. XXOO



  1. Hi Katie, You made me laugh!! Yes, I should start a midnight painting class for all of us hormonal women! You are so sweet to link me. I really appreciate it!!
    Martha PS SO thankful about Amybeth!!!! Thank you, Lord!!!
    Oh, here's how to link.
    You can just type a name of the person etc. you want to link and highlight it. Then go to the top at the tool bar and click "Link" then a box comes up for you to put the web address.
    Then the name becomes a link. :))

  2. so thankful for Amybeth's progress!! and though it's wonderful to have time with precious grandchildren i know you are tired...hope you are resting up dear friend.

    thanks for the link too, you blessed me when you came to my workshop...

    oh if you get the video working i want to see it!

    much love to you!

  3. so tickled that i finally have your blog address!