Saturday, June 11, 2011



Safe am I, Safe am I,
In the hollow of His hand;
Sheltered o'er, sheltered o'er
With His love forever more
No ill can harm me, No foe alarm me,
Fro He keeps both day and night,
Safe am I, Safe am I,
In the hollow of His hand.

We thought our little Reid would be born yesterday.
The doctor says he is very large and ready even though his C-Section is scheduled for June 21st, she said he is ready. Our hearts are ready. His momma is really ready.

It was my birthday and we were all gathered to party. Maybe He will come next Tuesday, his great grandmother Gam would have been 100 years old. She was the best, best grandmother, mother, godly woman.

Lord, He is safe in His mother’s womb. You know when it is time for him to be placed in his mother’s arms. So we rest….in anticipation of the joy when we will meet him. For now, our hands
rest on his momma’s tummy as we pray for him.

We love you Reid. We can’t wait to meet you.

P.S. Momma deer and baby at 1 week old.
The not so great picture is "dear" to me, Brett praying for his brother.
My camera is fixed!!!! Just in time to take pictures of Reid.
Thank you Lord.


  1. oh Katie these photos are precious.
    Happy Happy Birthday to you, I know it was special because you had those you love surrounding you.

    you my friend have a big heart that both gives and receives in abundance!!

    love you!!

  2. precious!!!
    praying for ya'll sweet friend
    my dear
    are the greatest grammy mommy out there!

  3. Oh can't wait to see precious Reid!! macaulay is about half way there now and it's a little girl! We are so excited. What a great picture of the deer and baby deer! And I actually do sleep--I just don't cook that much! I am a good short order cook though! oxox