Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hot, hot weather.  My car thermometer read 111 degrees on Sunday.

My garden is almost done!  Dried up mostly except for the okra.

So, I have neglected it.  Didn't think there would be much to the harvest and not worth my time.

I went out early this morning after I finished doing a little quiet time drawing.

I had painted two sunflowers.  One downcast, old and tired.  (Hmmmmm!  Kind of like how I have been feeling.)  The other one standing tall and looking joyful and full of hope.

The drawing really was blah and I laid it down and headed outside to pick the garden before it got too hot.

I harvested a few almost stewed tomatoes and lots of okra.  Sadly, much of the okra was too old.  Not cut in it's prime.  Hard and not useful for anything.  So I thought.  The Lord gave me an idea.

Cut it up and paint with it. 

So, I did.

Used the old, hard, no good okra to make my picture really happy!!!!

God promises to use everything for His glory.  We are never unusable, not valuable to Him.

Just ask Him to use your life, no matter how old you are, what trouble you have walked through, mistakes you have made.  He loves us unconditionally and eternally.

Thank you Lord.

A happy painting and okra and tomatoes for dinner!!!!!  I am going to post that in my One Thousand Gifts journal for today.

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