Thursday, August 23, 2012


I can remember the day I really packed up my heart to run away. I was a young mom with a 10 year old son and a four year old daughter and the wife of a hard working, gone a lot, husband. I just couldn’t do “it” anymore. I did not really know what “it” was supposed to look like but I sure had been searching. I remember writing a letter to my husband about apathy, a new word in my vocabulary, but one that was being spoken often to my thoughts. I did not know where I was headed, but I remember just wanted to run away somewhere, anywhere! I actually was physically packing for my church’s lady’s retreat that was being held in the North Georgia mountains. I do not remember the exact location of the event. I do know that in my running away from home and all the frustrations there, I found the roadmap that would help me on my pilgrimage. A pilgrimage to the heart of God. So, because the Lord keeps showing me the word “path” in my daily life, I am going to follow His leading. Seems like every day in my daily devotional and scripture readings, my “visual” learning process is being nudged. Doodling drawings, paintings, words on paper, photography……here I go. No longer running away, but walking beside the Lord, holding His righteous right hand. Can’t wait to see where He is leading me. On the road again. Xxoo 8/23/12


  1. How I love you visual "hearing" !
    These are beautiful and pregnant with meaning!

    Love you,

    1. Thank you sweet friend.
      You are my inspiration, You and Jesus of course.