Saturday, April 9, 2011

Draw Near to ME

How exciting. My heart began to race as I opened my new blogsite this morning. My daughter, Amybeth, had started her mom's blog last night and put on my "scripture picture." Draw near to me is the title because I am finding I can draw close to the heart of God as I doodle or paint each day. In my early morning quiet times, as I read His Word, it comes alive on paper through my childlike drawings. I love to look for what I call, God moments, M & M's to my heart and soul. Seeing God in everyday situations and circumstances. Like a three year old having a temper tantrum or deep in play with their legos , I stop when asked, "Would you like some M & M's?" With wide eyes and an expectant heart, I say, "Of course!" Join me on my pilgrimage to the heart of God. Opening my eyes and heart to the Lord through written words, drawings and paintings, and photography. Finding God in M & M moments. P.S. I will add the M & M picture when Amybeth shows me how!!!!!


  1. Good morning dear Katie. I cannot tell you...well yes I excited I am that you have begun this. I know this will be a joy and blessing for you, but even more so for those who read these writing from your beautiful heart. It is an amazing thing how God weaves hearts through this thing called blog.

  2. This is beautiful. I love it. Thanks to you and AB for making your thought vivid and open to all of us. Our souls are already encouraged. Love from our house on the west coast. Katie

  3. Yes, I agree with Mary! it is so amazing how God weaves hearts even in blogland! After all, God invented the internet Himself! You will enjoy this journey through blogland and we will enjoy coming along with you.