Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ann Hilyer
The Book of Ruth
A Story of Redemption (Bible study notes)

This is so true in my life today. Thank you, Linda Dennis and Clare Whitlock, for inviting me to a Bible study today. Ann Hilyer taught the Book of Ruth, a story of redemption.

I needed encouragement and God placed me in the middle of His Word and truth and surrounded by a large group of encouraging women. I felt as if I was Ruth, gleaning truth in His harvest. I was reminded that Jesus is my Kinsman-Redeemer. "The price has been paid in full for every moment and every event in my life to be redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ. The problem is that we tend to call on Him only when we cannot handle things. The challenge is to see and know Jesus
Christ as your practical Redeemer revealing Himself at every turn."

Oh, how I want to be yoked with Him. To see Him because no matter where I go, He is there! Do you remember I said in a post earlier that sometimes I have to duct tape myself to the cross to stay put and not run away?

"God loves to take the broken, devasting places in your life and redeem them."

I was reminded that God was able to work through Ruth's demeanor because she was willing to submit to whatever God told her to do. Her attitude was submissive and rejoiceful. This has been something I have been doing over the past several months as I have been reading Ann Voscamp's book, One Thousand Gifts. I love to take pictures of my God moments. Thanking Him in all things....seeing His light reflecting fruit in situations that are dark and sorrowful. (Clare reminded me of that today! Thank you Clare!) I am adding a picture I took in my kitchen....reflection of fruit in the darkness.

Well, these are a few ways the Lord has encouraged me today. Just wanted to share my heart. Soon I will be posting pictures of my most precious grandchildren....the way God showers my life with daily blessings....I live 4 mintues away from them. Thank you God.

Praising the Lord, my Kinsman-Redeemer
Singing the contemporary song, My Redeemer Lives and dancing around the room!!!

P.S. My precious sister in Christ, Pam, is coming home from the hospital today to start hospice care. Keep praying for her family.


  1. love to read my sweet friend's wise words - - and even though i don't get to hear them in person i love that i can "hear" them here - - much love

  2. Thank you for your sweet note on my comments page....grandkids ARE busy and wonderful....I look forward to photos of your grandchildren!! I love your journal page above!! ...and this post was very good....reminds me of what I need to be reminded of....the Lord is forevering teaching me....I will also hold your friends in Prayer....have a bloessed Resurrection Day!!!

  3. Your blog is such a blessing. I KNOW what you mean about "being duct-taped to the cross". I want you to know that I am adding Pam and her family to my prayer list. Blessed Easter to you and yours!