Sunday, March 11, 2012


It has been quite a while since I have written any thoughts on my blog. Life has been busy. Fun. Full of memories to cherish.

My trip to Disney with the grandchildren was so much fun but it took me over a week to regain my energy. Because my daughter, Amybeth and her husband were at the ChicFilA seminar, I had kept the children several days prior to the trip down to Orlando. They are delightfully exhausting. I also used lots of adrenalin getting them from Newnan to Disney....going through security with all three in my triple stroller and flying by my adult self with them. They were excellent all the way. Note to self.....they have pity on old women going through security with three little ones.

I have been doing lots of painting and really enjoying myself. I feel like the time I spend painting and doing art is like a time of worship to my Creator. I have just in the last 6 years realized God created me to worship Him this way. Sometimes I have a hard time leaving my creative spots and getting back to day to day activities.
If you are an artist, you understand.

I am enjoying watching the Creator show off in my neighborhood too. I love to walk around the lake in the subdivision I am blessed to live in. A little dirt road that winds peacefully around a loop a little over a mile. The trees are budding, the azaleas are beginning to wake up and even the dogwood in my front yard is popping open. Birds are singing their hearts out!!!!!

I am thankful for my day to day life. I am thankful to have a healthy husband this year. It was about 2 years ago he was finishing up a long season of chemo. I see him getting stronger and stronger every day. Like he is opening up with excitement after a debilatating dormant time. He has been cancer free since then, but lately, Bob has a "new spring" to his step.

So, I praise the Lord for a new spring.
Enjoy a picture from the wonderful sanctuary where I am blessed to live. And yes, you have to drive through the creek to get around the lake!!!!
I told you it is wonderful here!

Off to take a walk and maybe take a few pictures I can paint later!


  1. Dear Katie I imagine you sitting on that bridge with you legs hanging off and you feet swinging just spending time with our Papa! What a beautiful spot that is.

    And I must tell you you are one brave woman...taking you grandkids...what are there ages again? Tell me you met someone there and you did not do Disney with them all by yourself! As is you get Grandmother of the year award in my book Katie gal!

    I have a feeling that spring in Bob's step is partially due to having a fabulous life partner, and feeling so loved!

    I so wish we lived closer!

    Much love to you dear precious one!

  2. I thought I was an energetic grandmother but I could not have done what you did! It is hard for me to get myself through security at the airport. You are amazing. Your home and surrounding area look like a dream come true! And the photo was too too lovely! So glad to hear the great news about Bob! So happy for all of you! Our days are filled with the wonder and joy of Christ. Thank you for sharing your paintings and your thoughts.

  3. What a wonderful creek. Thanks for your note on my blog awhile ago. Just catching up - way behind. Nice to meet you finally. Have a wonderful week off walking and worshiping.