Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Lord blessed me in so many ways when we moved to Newnan almost six years ago.
Last blog I took you down our little dirt road and showed you the creek that flows over our little dirt road.

This week I want to take you down a path of friendship and show you where two dear friends worshipped our Creator with me this week. Callaway Gardens.

I have introduced you to my friend Linda Dennis before. I have been to her place near Callaway several times with my family for R & R…Refreshing and Refocusing. This week, she took me and another sister in the Lord, Judy Snell, for a get away. They pampered my creativity by driving down back roads searching for treasure. Treasure of seeing the Lord in His Creation and looking for Him in visual blessings.

We have lots of fun laughing and telling stories about our lives as younger women! And of course that leads to the conversation ….(UGH!)….. getting older. We laugh a lot about our forgetfulness and tired, droopy bodies. We say to each other with a big laugh, “Well, this is a good as it’s gonna get!”

Thank you Lord for reminding me this morning how good it actually is! Help me renew my mind in Your TRUTH each day. In Isaiah 40:13 , You promise You will renew my strength so I can run and not be weary. You reminded me this morning that no matter how old I am in years, I am always young in Your Presence.

I saw You all over the paths I walked on this week. I saw where people praise you in little white churches and in Your outdoor sanctuary. I saw you in human vessels that hold friendship and encouragement.

Thank you Lord for sisters in Christ.
Thank you for husbands who encourage us to nurture our hearts in friendships and time away in Your Creation!


  1. Love that you are in Callaway with friends and enjoying the beauty of spring! Love you so.KG

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with special friends. Good friends are definitely one of God's most special gifts to his gals....

  3. Such times are priceless!
    Beautiful photos, beautiful friendships!


  4. A beautiful walk with a friend only enhances the experience.

  5. Lovely! Walking in the Spirit with you! Spring is Resurrection!!!